Aries G 7002 SBK BU Watch – A diver or mountain climbers special

Aries Gold

The moment I entered by house, my little son (also named Aries), and all of 9 years old came running into my arms yelling that he was “the champ” and that he wanted Aries G 7002 SBK BU wrist watch for climbing mountains and he wanted it urgently.

To say I was dumbfounded was an understatement. Who put the idea is his little brain that he was to climb mountains I wondered? Bit by little bit, I extracted that his physical training teacher had stated a new class activity – ‘wall climbing’.

It seems they have this wall with grips and holes and things that a student can grip and use to pull themselves onto the top of the wall. This is the ‘boot camp’ training that eventually leads to mountain climbing.

They also had a slide show in which they displayed all sorts of mountain climbing tools. One of the mountaineers shown in the slide was wearing – you guessed it right; the Aries G 7002 SBK BU wrist watch. Why didn’t my little son focus on the glove or googles I will never know. The flashy high-tech watch got his attention and that was it – the Aries G 7002 SBK BU became an instant priority-one on his wanted list. And as usual, his all-weather Santa is his dad. I wish I had a Santa who I could pass on the request to – especially for expensive watches ?

The Aries G 7002 SBK BU is a €800+ watch. At this site however, they were offering a massive discount. Even then, the price-tag was not something I would laugh at.

Beyond doubt, the Aries G 7002 SBK BU is impressive. The deep blue dial face, the three white-and-silver sub-dials, the silver hour and minute hands, the round 3D hour markers, the rotating bezel were all impressive.

In fact, so impressed was I with the watch, that I visited the local watch store and fortunately enough, they had the Aries G 7002 SBK BU on display. The real thing in my hand was even more impressive. Without doubt, it is a large watch almost 5 cm across and about a centimetre or more thick.

The salesman told me that the quartz movement powered by the VD53 time module. Seeing my blank look, he continued “so the time is very accurate” and I nodded like I was impressed; which I guess I was.

“Sapphire crystal, chronograph function, tachymeter scale” he went on. I tried imagining my little kiddo setting the chronograph or using the tachymeter and failed – probably because I myself, had no idea how to use these things. It is rightly said that kids today are born with either a mouse or a screw driver in hand.

Yes, I was impressed by all that I saw, I would give the watch a 5 out of 5 but there’s no way in hell I’m going to buy this for my son. A junior version maybe but not this one. But hey, if you are about the go mountain climbing or diving or spelunking or whatever it is that floats your boat; buy the Aries G 7002 SBK BU and knock yourself out. Cheers!