Casio G-Shock GMA-S140-1A

For my daughter Shruti, two events came together; her birthday and being adjudged as best athlete in her school. My wife Seema had been whispering in my ear that our daughter needed a “good watch – one that can help her in the sports activities.”

Fair enough, since her birthday was coming up at the month-end, I asked my wife if our daughter had any particular choice? A few days later, she let it be known that she was interested in Casio G-Shock model GMA-S140-1A; pink colour.

I wasn’t sure what a “G-Shock” was and initially though it had something to do with electricity shocks. So, I called my daughter and she explained that a “G-Shock” watch was essentially a shock-proof watch. A G-shock watch withstood vibrations, blows and even a fall at high speeds. It was also intensely water resistant. “I can wear it and do any sports activity and it will still keep perfect time” she said.

Fair enough, I Google for “Casio G-Shock model GMA-S140-1A; pink colour” and was rewarded with hundreds of hits. The prices ranged from Rs 13,000+ to under Rs 7,000 and it appeared like there were a huge number of “G-Shock” models to choose from. However, since my daughter had requested for a specific model, I decided to play safe and buy that specified model only.

The Casio G-Shock model GMA-S140-1A model is meant for ladies and is available in Indigo, pink and black colour. My daughter had specified pink.

Almost 5 cm across and weight just under 60 grams, the Casio G-Shock model GMA-S140-1A is insanely shock resistant, has a mineral glass covering the watch case and this mineral glass is scratch resistant. The watch case is magnetic resistant, has 200-meter water resistance, has a rust-proof resin case matched with a resin strap, LED light with auto switch with selectable light durations, luminous afterglow, World time with 29 time zones that includes 48 cities with coordinated universal time.

I won’t even pretend I understood any of that except to say, it was impressive. The Casio G-Shock model GMA-S140-1A has a 1/1000-second stopwatch with elapsed time, lap time, split time and a mach indicator (for speed). There’s also a 24-hour countdown timer. There’s an auto-repeat feature and 5 daily alarms with snooze.

There’s also digital display of the Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date and day. And if all that was not good enough, the Casio G-Shock model GMA-S140-1A has an accuracy of ±15 seconds per month. Despite all this, the batter should last a good 2 years.

Finally, after visiting 20 different websites, I bought the watch from at nearly 40% discount. The watch took roughly 2 weeks to arrive and it included international warranty. On her birthday, my daughter checked it out and declared it to be “excellent”. If she was happy, I was happy.