Citizen Dual Time AO3030-24A Quartz Men’s Watch

My friend Ashok Wadhwani has a son residing in the U.S.A. The son, Abhijeet Wadhwani, who currently being a senior production manager for Ford automobiles, frequently travels between various U.S based assembly plants.

Now, each of these plants is based is in a different time zone and Abhijeet tends to spend some days sometimes weeks at each plant. This in turn, creates problems for my friend Ashok because every time he or his wife wishes to call their son, they need to figure out the time at his current location least they call him at some ungodly time when he might be fast asleep.

Staying in the same residential society at Andheri in Mumbai, I and my friend Ashok meet every day during our evening walk; which is basically 4 circuits round the housing complex. Last week Ashok had some guests at his place so did not come for the regular walk and so the rest of the walking partners, took the opportunity to discuss what gift to buy Ashok for his upcoming 75th birthday.

Various options from bottle of fancy whisky to belt, shoes, readymade shirt etc. were discussed. Then I asked the others why not we buy him a watch that displayed time of two different locations? Many objected because such watches tend to be digital and Ashok being technically challenged (in fact, all in our group are technically challenged), they felt he might not be able to operate such a watch.

I on the other hand, had already seen such a watch at the local mall and had also selected an online store i.e. where multi-brand watches are sold at fabulous discounts. The watch I had seen was the Citizen Dual Time AO3030-24A Quartz Men’s Watch and its retail price tag at the mall was Rs 18,445. Online it was being sold at Rs 7,774/;- a mind-blowing discount. I showed my friends the photo of the watch and the price tag. They were amazed that such a watch existed.

The Citizen Dual Time AO3030-24A Quartz Men’s Watch is an analog quartz watch meaning, it looks like a regular watch except, it has two dials for displaying two different times. Now, whenever Ashok’s son Abhijeet calls his father from a new location, he tells his father the time which Ashok can set on his new watch. Also, it would be easy to do so because there are two separate crowns; one for each time. No confusion.

My friends quickly agreed that the Citizen Dual Time AO3030-24A Quartz Men’s Watch was a good idea and it would make an excellent gift. There are 8 of us (excluding Ashok) We each contributed roughly Rs 1,000 and I went ahead and bought the Citizen Dual Time AO3030-24A Quartz Men’s Watch online. It arrived in 5 days. We checked it out and had it gift wrapped.

On his birthday, when Ashok saw the watch, he was overcome with joy. Not only was the Citizen Dual Time AO3030-24A Quartz Men’s Watch functionally valuable, it was also beautiful to look at; a large white dial, genuine leather strap and of course, it was a Citizen so quality would not be an issue. Moreover, it came with an international warranty card.