Hamilton Khaki H68411533 Men’s Watch

Clearing the Civil Services Entrance Exam, my son Manoj had opted for the IPS or Indian Police Services. He had been accepted at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy at Hyderabad and would soon be joining there. He would soon become an IPS officer, performing his duties towards the nation, upholding the law. It was a proud moment for my wife and I; in fact, Manoj would be the first member of our extended family to join the police force.

My wife suggested we celebrate the occasion, after all, Manoj had worked hard to get to this stage. He deserved a gift, she said. Truth be told, this same thought had crossed my mind a few days ago and I had planned on gifting him something to mark the occasion. A branded wrist watch seemed the ideal gift.

Searching online, I had liked a Hamilton Khaki Field Watch H68411533 displayed at City Watches online store here: https://www.citywatches.in/product/hamilton-khaki-h68411533-mens-watch/. To know more about this international watch brand, I read up on its history which in itself is quite interesting.

Hamilton Watches has its roots in America – it was established in 1892 at Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Known to produce innovative timepieces that speak of accuracy and precision, the Hamilton brand has created a reputation for itself that is hard to ignore.

Hamilton made the first pocket watch in 1912 named ” the watch of railroad accuracy”. Hamilton was the official supplier of watches to the American armed forces during the World Wars. The company also produced technical timepieces for the American aviation sector.

In 1974 the Hamilton Watch Company was purchased by the Swatch Group turning it into a Swiss brand. Thus, Hamilton watches came to be known for the American Spirit and Swiss Precision.

Over the decades, Hamilton watches have made appearances in many Hollywood movies gracing the wrists of many famous actors. Hamilton timepieces have appeared in over 450 major films, noteworthy among them being Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii, The Frogmen, Independence Day, Men in Black, Ocean’s Eleven, Interstellar, The Martian, and several more.

With this impressive history, I’m sure Manoj would love to have a piece from this iconic brand. Besides, Hamilton is a reputed brand that offers quality timepieces that are in the mid-price range. They are particularly a great choice if you want a “real” Swiss-made watch at a reasonably affordable price tag.

Hamilton Khaki H68411533 Men’s Watch that I selected for Manoj has a striking appearance. The stainless steel case encloses a black dial displaying both military as well as the usual time in Arabic numerals. The dial clarity of this watch is remarkable and paired with a deep brown leather strap it is truly an elegant timepiece. I thought it would be perfect for Manoj to wear every day, so I ordered it from City Watches  https://www.citywatches.in/ .  Hopefully they would be delivering it soon.