Hamilton Quartz Jazzmaster Thin Line H38511553 Men’s Watch


My 80-year old dad wore a 50-year old HMT watch that looked exactly like the Hamilton Quartz Jazzmaster Thin Line H38511553 Men’s Watch. Okay, it wasn’t as wide but the watch face was almost identical and I think, that is what caught the attention of my dad.

Rewinding a bit; we were at a mall and my wife was at the cosmetics counter. With nothing better to do, myself and my dad sauntered over to the watch counter. Not wanting to buy a watch, I wasn’t actually ‘looking’ at any watch if you know what I mean. Meanwhile my dad suddenly said “it is the same”. I followed his line of sight and saw he was looking that this nice Hamilton Quartz Jazzmaster Thin Line H38511553 Men’s Watch and yes, except for the size, it was near identical to the 50-year old HMT my dad was wearing.

The crystal on my dad’s HMT looked like the skin on his hand – old and wrinkled. Even I had a tough time seeing the dial – how my dad could read the time was a mystery. So, I decided I would buy that watch but stopped just in time when I noticed the price tag – a whopping Rs 47,000 and something. “Wowa” I said to myself “that’s some price tag”. And then a though struck me; why not check online? If I can get it for even a couple of thousand less, I would buy it – my dad’s happiness would make it worth the price.

No sooner I got home, logged onto the net and Googled for Hamilton Quartz Jazzmaster and received like a million hits. Near the top was this citywatches.in a watch retailing website and they seemed to have all the possible watch brands. Sure enough, they also had the Hamilton Quartz Jazzmaster Thin Line H38511553 Men’s Watch.

Obviously, the first thing I looked at, was the price tag which read Rs 22,378/- a almost 50% discount. My instinct said ‘fake’ but I decided to check the reviews which were all good, and also found that they offered a one-year international warranty on all their watches. So, I revisited the page https://www.citywatches.in/product/hamilton-quartz-jazzmaster-thin-line-h38511553-mens-watch/ and checked out the watch specs.

The highly polished stainless-steel case looked awesome to say the least. Attached to the case, was a rich, pure leather strap – deep brown in colour that contrasted well with the silvery case. The watch was powered by a quartz movement mechanism which meant a battery. At least it did not rely on solar or hand movement and stuff like that I thought.

The Hamilton Quartz Jazzmaster Thin Line H38511553 Men’s Watch is totally Swiss made so quality was not an issue. It had a Sapphire crystal – almost invisible. The strap had a buckle clasp 100% identical to the one currently being used by my dad. This was another plus point because with senior folks, continuity is important. Silver toned large Arabic numerals in on a white dial with fat luminous hands made it easy to read the time.

There was a date window at the 6’Oclock position. This was an additional feature because the current watch that my dad used, did not have any date display. The Hamilton also had a 50M water resistant which I thought was fine.

So, without wasting any more time, I purchased this watch and it arrived in about 5 days at our Mumbai residence. To make a long story short, my dad now happily wears his new Hamilton Quartz Jazzmaster – his happiness makes it all worth the price.