ICE Aqua Marine Large Chronograph Quartz 012734 Men’s Watch


My 15-year old son was about to enter college and insisted I upgrade his watch and wardrobe. I don’t remember having such luxury when I was a kid. If I had said the same thing to my dad, I might have received a couple of kicks or whacks on my butt.

Anyways kids today are like “I am Salman Khan or Sharukh Khan” or whatever. Irrespective of their performance in school, they all assume they are super heroes. Unfortunately, we parents are powerless to do anything about it.

We are ourselves are caught in a rat race to earn; so that our kids can stay happy. Instead, maybe we should earn a little less and spend more time with our kids. Anyway, I did not have the time to go wardrobe shopping with him so I left that duty to his mother. I on the other hand, went online and shopped for his watch which was not difficult because he had already indicated his choice. Yup, kids today when they demand something, they deliver a complete package; so that there is no confusion.

“Dad, I want the ICE Aqua Marine Large Chronograph Quartz 012734 Men’s Watch”, said my son; “the blue coloured one” he added for emphasis.

So, I Googled for “blue colour ICE Aqua Marine Large Chronograph Quartz 012734 Men’s Watch” and received like a million results. The one link that caught my eye was the Citi watches website: The watch, ordinarily sold at over Rs 15,000/- was being offered at this site for under 10K.

My first instinct was that it might be a duplicate. But rather than dismiss it out of hand, I decided to do a little checking; and good thing too. Turns out, the Citi watches website is a genuine dealer of watches and because of their volume sale, are able to retail watches at cut-throat prices.

The watches include an international warranty card. I also noticed that they had good reviews. Product return policy too was okay.

Coming to this ICE brand watch; what can I say? The watch is indigo blue and huge – around 4.5cm across. It has three sub-dials on a blue dial face. The case is Polyamide and attached to it is a silicon strap – also indigo blue.

ICE Aqua Marine Large Chronograph Quartz 012734 Men's Watch

There’s a date window between the 4th and 5th hour marker. The hours are marked in Arabic numerals and there are seconds printed on the bezel too. I grudgingly accepted that the watch did look quite sophisticated. Though of course, the indigo blue colour is something only a teen would like but hey, I was buying it for my son who is a teen.

The ICE Aqua Marine Large Chronograph Quartz 012734 Men’s Watch is a full-fledged chrono Quartz watch with luminous hands and markers. The bezel rotates in one direction and the watch is water resistant up to depths of 100 M. Now, that quite impressive.

Having bought the watch, it arrived in about 5 days. I did not open the box but gave it directly to my son – I knew he loves to open his stuff himself and thoroughly checks it out. His “thank you dad” followed by a hug was an indicator that all was okay. Another job done!