ICE OLA Candy White Small Quartz 014426 Children’s Watch

My 5-year old daughter Neeta was invited to a birthday party of her friend Ankita who was also turning 5 the following week. We purchased a suitable birthday present and had it nicely gift wrapped.

On the appointed day, my wife and myself dropped Neeta off at Ankita’s house which was in the adjacent building. Couple of hours later, we went to pick her up and while walking back to our apartment, I realized that something was wrong. I asked her to explain in detail exactly what had occurred.

She told me that Ankita’s parents had given Ankita a nice white watch. “Daddy, it was very very beautiful”. But when all the kids were presented with a return gift, Neeta found that she had received a small Tupperware tiffin box. “They did not give me a watch” she cried. I explained to her that only the birthday girl gets something special all others only get a gift as a token of appreciation for coming to the party. But Neeta was inconsolable. “No daddy, I want the same watch” she wailed.

I waited for two whole days to see if our Neeta would calm down and forget the episode. But seeing Ankita wear the watch to school the next day did not really help. So, the same evening, I called Ankita’s parents and explained the situation and asked if they could tell me what watch they had gifted Ankita. They said it was the ICE OLA Candy White Small Quartz 014426 Children’s Watch.

Armed with the brand and model information, I visited my favourite watch store; This is my favourite store because they not only stock most of the brands, they offer phenomenal discounts on almost all watches. So, it was that I visited and searched for ICE OLA Candy White Small Quartz 014426 Children’s Watch.

The watch is an imported piece made by the World-famous ICE company. Especially designed for little girls, this is a ergonomically designed all Silicon watch. It has a nice pink border on the dial face with pink numerals and pink hour and minute hands. Even the brand name “ICE” is in pink. No wonder my little Neeta liked the watch so much. I have to admit, it was stunningly beautiful.

I also have to admit that price stunned me quite a lot. The retail price was Rs 6,698 but after discount, it was brought down to a more manageable Rs 4,614. Still high but hey, a small price for the happiness of my daughter.

Now, both Neeta and Ankita wear the ICE OLA Candy White Small Quartz 014426 Children’s Watch with pride and happiness.