Invicta Angel 28488 – for my boss’s retirement party


My boss of 12 years was going to retire. For me this was an extra special occasion as she had not only mentored me during those 12 years, she had also nominated me to take her position. So, I thought even if I have to spend 25% of my salary, that would be okay. Of course, the whole department had contributed and elected to buy her a gift. Mine though, was going to be something over and above what the others would give.

The big question was what to gift her – something for the home perhaps? I asked my wife for advice and she recommended a watch instead. “Buy something elegant enough for her to wear with pride.” she said. Okay, watch it is.

My wife and I checked out several websites. The one that stood out was this website called; it had several different watch brands and within each brand, it had several dozen options. Some were mundane, some were big, chunky and garish. Some were beautiful but too expensive, some were not practical at all while others looked like something only an astronaut would wear.

When I was scrolling through watch models of the Invicta brand, one particular watch stood out instantly and caught the attention of both myself and my wife.

This was the Invicta Angel 28488 a dazzlingly beautiful watch with 90 diamonds embedded in the bezel.

Mother of pearl white dial with white silicon strap and a large topaz stone in the crown added to the beauty and elegance of this watch.

All hands on the watch as well as the hour markers were coated with luminescence material which glowed bright in the dark.

The diamonds in the bezel were of course not real but of sufficiently good quality so as to reflect a rainbow of colours. Almost 4 cm across; the watch time, day and date were easy to read.

The market price was Rs 56,000+ whereas the watch was being sold at a little over Rs 7,000/-. I instantly became suspicious that it might be you know; a duplicate. I checked out the terms and even wrote to them and was assured that the watch was 100% genuine and also included an international warranty card. Sufficiently satisfied, I bought it.

The next weekend was the send-off party and I presented the gift-wrapped box to my boss. She smiled, opened it and oh my, her eyes sparkled and the smile brightened. I was pretty sure she held her breath too – or maybe that was my imagination but hey, the dazzling smile was good enough for me – I knew I had got it right! The Invicta Angel 28488 from

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