Nixon Corporal SS A346-1041-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch


Only a father or guardian will know how much pressure a little boy (or girl) can bring to bear upon you – especially when they want something new.

My little Arun had just entered 5th Standard in a prestigious school in Mumbai. Two days later as I got home in the evening, I found him waiting patiently sitting on the steps leading to our apartment block. I knew something was up, that he wanted something.

Sure enough, he started telling me about this great watch that one of his friends was wearing. “A big black watch with cream coloured numbers” he said spreading his fingers over his wrist. I tried to tell him that if the watch was that big, it might easily hit something and break. “No, no, my friend is very careful and I also will be careful” he insisted.

Once he had it in his head that he wanted something, I knew there was no talking him out of it. Having chalked out a strategy in his little mind, he always has his arguments ready. He never stops to amaze me – a little kid, 8 years old and working out a strategy to have his father buy him a watch of his choice. Amazing isn’t it?

On Saturday; he woke me up early and although groggy with sleep, I went to open my laptop and found that he had already opened it and powered it up. So, after splashing some water on my face, I logged into the net and searched for ‘Nixon Corporal SS watch’. There were several hits and one of the sites, had the watch he wanted.

Turns out, it was the Nixon Corporal SS A346-1041-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch. Almost 5 cm across. Once again, I turned to my son and tried to reason it out with him. “Son, this watch is too big for you hand – you need to grow a bit before buying this”. I said. “But dad, it I wear a big watch it will remind me to grow” he replied. What do I say?

The Nixon Corporal SS A346-1041-00 Analog Quartz Men’s Watch is a huge, all black watch with large hour markings. Very easy to read the time. The watch sports a rugged stainless-steel case and bracelet. And, this too was black in colour. I grudgingly accepted that my son indeed had good taste. I was half tempted to buy one for myself.

100M water resistance, the mineral crystal and tough SS bracelet in black, was I hoped, enough to keep the watch safe. As fathers we know how mischievous and careless our little devils can get. Anyway, grudgingly accepting that my little boy had good taste, I went ahead and bought the watch which luckily for me, had a 50% discount and was being sold at around Rs 7,000+

The watch arrived a few days later with an internal warranty card. My son proudly wore it the next day and his happiness knew no bounds.