Swatch Irony Dress My Wrist Chronograph Tachymeter YVS445G Men’s Watch

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One week before my nephew’s birthday, as is my habit, I asked him what he wanted as a birthday gift. Pat came the reply “Swatch Irony Dress My Wrist Chronograph Tachymeter YVS445G Men’s Watch”.

“Wow”, I thought to myself; my nephew certainly seems to have done his research. “But why that particular watch?” I asked him.  “It’s for my go-karting” he replied and added “It is ideally suited for it”.

My nephew had won the 2nd prize at the Go-Karting competition in Goa last year. I guess he was aiming to improve that performance even further at the competition this year.

Fortunately for his parents and me, my nephew is not someone who will waste money. Previously he had asked me for stuff like mountain bike, accessories such as sneakers, a sports helmet and if I remember correctly, a Garmin GPS that he could mount on his bike handle bar and so forth. If I remember correctly, I think he had also won a cash prize at some marathon race or the other.

While it is true that these gifts don’t come cheap, but hey; he does well in college so we are happy to fulfil his recreational activities. In another two years he will be a mechanical engineer and God willing, be able to buy his own stuff after he gets a job.

My nephew also gave me a URL ( for a website. He recommended I buy the watch from that site as the prices there are the lowest.

I visited the site and found it had a huge collection of watches from numerous brands. It also offered attractive discounts so I made a note to myself that next time I needed to buy a watch either for myself or someone else, this would be a good place to visit.

Swatch Irony Dress My Wrist Chronograph Tachymeter YVS445G Men’s Watch Anyway, I noted that this Swatch Irony Dress My Wrist Chronograph Tachymeter YVS445G Men’s watch was an all steel job. My nephew insisted on a leather strap “.. otherwise the watch will keep bouncing up and down making it difficult to see the laps I completed”, he explained.

I wrote to the customer care of the site and they explained I could buy a leather strap separately and swap it for the stainless-steel one.

Enough said, I bought the watch and it was delivered in 5 days by courier. I opened the watch box and took out the watch. The watch face was a little over 4 cm across and quite impressive to look at. On the right side were three buttons. The hour markers and the watch hands were nice and thick with luminescence. There were three impressive and formidable looking sub-dials and a date window at the bottom 6’Oclock position. The Swatch logo was on the back of the watch.

I took the watch to a local watch repair centre and they removed the stainless-steel bracelet and inserted a broad leather strap. The time was already set and so I did not have to do anything other than just put the watch back and gift wrap the box. I was quite impressed with the watch but then, my nephew too is an impressive kid.