Swatch Watches – Fashion and Fun Rolled into One


The Swiss made Swatch watches adorn many a wrist around the world – such is their popularity. We place a lot of faith in any of the products that are “Swiss Made” so it’s no wonder that Swatch is the crown jewel of the product tag “Made in Switzerland”.

The swatch brand is associated with quality and excellence. Swatch watches are affordable and hence many have earned the reputation of being best-selling models. Most of them are unisex watches that can be worn every day as a work watch or a dress watch, or even a sports watch.

A Swatch is easily recognisable by its large dial and unique design. With large, bold hour-markers and impressive sweep of the hands every Swatch Watch immediately catches your attention. These are colourful watches, trendy and sporty, sometimes bordering on outrageous.

Launched in 1983, the Swatch was a plastic quartz analog watch. Swatch dials were typically a riot of colour with cheeky and cheerful designs. Back then, the watch designers put anything on the dial – it could be paintings, photos, cartoons, flower designs or whatever caught their fancy. Quite often the cheeky design was carried on to the strap giving the timepiece a funky appearance. Swatch brand believed that original or even outrageous designs make the watch cool.

The resultant effect was that Swatch watches became extremely sought after for their exceptional designs. It was almost as if telling the time was a secondary feature of the Swatch. But then that’s the point. The Swatch watch was conceived as a fashion accessory and was highly affordable, appealed to the senses of the younger generation of the 80s. In fact, people could afford to buy multiple watches to go with different outfits or to be worn for different occasions.

The Swatch brand offers a huge collection of watches starting from the Swatch Originals which are plastic case watches in different colours, designs and sizes.  Swatch Irony collection includes all the metal cased watches with quartz movement as well as automatic mechanical watches.

The Swatch Skin collection consists of the Original Skin ultra – thin watch and the Swatch Skin Chronograph is another version of the same but with chronograph feature.

Swatch introduced the Sistem51 in 2013, a mechanical movement using 51 components that were assembled in an entirely automated assembly line. The watch case is sealed and cannot be opened making it dust and moisture proof which also means no maintenance. The watch is ‘automatic’ and uses the movement of your wrist to wind it, so no batteries required either.

Swatch watches are very versatile, trendy pieces that make a fashion statement. and improve your dressing style. With a Swatch, you wear your style and personality on your wrist – get you’re here at

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