The Invicta Watch Brand

Invicta has been making watches for more than 180 years! Their story began with Raphael Picard starting a Swiss watch manufacturing company in 1837. Invicta means invincible in Latin, a definition that the company strives to keep up to even today in the manufacture of high-quality mechanical watches. Invicta produced manual as well as automatic winding watches and built a reputation for itself worldwide over the years up to the Quartz crisis.

By 1970 however, Invicta’s fortunes started dwindling. The introduction of quartz watches in the 1970s affected the Swiss watchmaking industry. Quartz watches took the watch making industry by storm – they were cheaper than the finely crafted mechanical Swiss watches. Invicta also faced a loss of profit in that period but in 1991 US based investors took over the company. Their goal was to continue making high quality watches but at an affordable price. Today, you will find that Invicta makes some of the cheapest Swiss watches in the industry. 

Invicta watches today come in a wide array of designs and styles to fit practically everyone’s tastes.  And they are cheap as compared to other brands in the same league. Invicta’s are good quality watches that come with a three-year warranty. So, the brand has succeeded in upsetting the concept that finely crafted watches must be expensive.

Invicta brand offers a variety of finely crafted timepieces that rival its competitors. Innovation and creative design are the mark of Invicta watches and you’ll find these aspects visible in several of their watch collections for both men and women.

Invicta watches are made from the best quality materials and precise, accurate movements. Creative, eye catching designs and stylish good looks are some of the aspects that have made Invicta watches greatly popular amongst watch fans. And, reasonable price tags are a major reason for their popularity.

Despite having a sophisticated, polished look, Invicta watches are extremely pocket-friendly. They are all about experiencing the pleasure of owning a premium watch without burning a hole in your pocket. Most of the Invicta models are selling for discounts all the year round. This is one of the biggest motivators for its popularity. Secondly, they have some unusual designs in the timepiece collections which present a unique appeal to customers. Some watch fans prefer the large and bulky watches that Invicta is known to create.

While watch connoisseurs may not favour the Invicta watch, the customers feel that these timepieces are great value for the money. If you fall in the latter group, I’m sure you’d like to see some of the Invicta watches that are being sold online at heavily discounted prices. Check out the City Watches website at for more.