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I work for a major brand that is doing well in the consumer sector. As a token of appreciation, our management had decided that for this financial year, every staff will receive a Timex watch and a one-kg birthday cake – naturally the cake would be cut and distributed amongst the staff.

Now, as the purchasing manager, it fell upon me to select one watch model for men and another for the ladies. Each evening for the about four days I went to various reputed watch outlets (including Timex watch outlets) in Mumbai.

Without doubt, they all had nice time pieces but none within the budget I was given. Also, these watch outlets only stocked selected models – not the entire range. One of my colleagues suggested I check online. I’m glad I followed that advice because I found citywatches.in – a website that listed hundreds of watches from numerous different brands including Timex. Their range was huge and it did not take me much time to make my selections. Moreover, I was able to engage my senior and junior colleagues in the selection process.

For the ladies, we selected the Timex Miami Chronograph Quartz Diamond Accent TW2P66800 Women’s Watch. Say the word “diamond” and all the ladies are happy. Well, this watch has lots of diamonds all around the case. The watch is a large stainless-steel beauty – not the usual tiny things that ladies normally wear.

It’s a chronograph with 3 sub-dials set on a pearl-white dial that has roman numerals. There’s the date too. The bracelet too is stainless steel and has a deployment clasp. I’ve shown the watch to the ladies in my department and they were quite happy with it. I’m sure each one would be dreaming of how it would look on their wrist.

For the menfolk, we decided on the Timex Sports Ironman Triathlon 10 Lap Indiglo Digital T5K607 Men’s Watch. This choice had more to do with the new fitness mantra that the management had adopted (after our chairman suffered a heart attack).

Timex Sports Ironman Triathlon 10 Lap Indiglo Digital T5K607 Men's Watch

The Timex Sports Ironman Triathlon 10 Lap Indiglo Digital T5K607 Men’s Watch has a 10-Lap Memory Recall, Indiglo (Night Light), AM/PM Display, Countdown Timer, Alarm and a Stopwatch amongst other things.

The men would be encouraged to walk or run. They can use the watch to time the walk or run. The watch has a resin strap which is good because there would be sweat involved with any exercise. For those who swim, the watch is water proof up to depths of 100 meters.

Additionally, the watch has large buttons that are easy to press. On every press of the backlight button, the backlighting lasts for a few seconds also, the buttons produce a beep. The numerals are tall and therefore easy to read. There is a clear and clean arrangement of date and time on the face and finally, there are Instructions displayed on the watch face itself (for example, “hold to reset”).

Coming to the website itself, the management loved citywatches.in as they also offered us fantastic discounts.

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