Timex Weekender Fairfield Indiglo Quartz TW2P98500 Unisex Watch

The entrance test results were out. My son Rajesh was offered admission for the Graphic Designers Course at two different colleges, one at Pune and the other at Bangalore. Rajesh was torn between the two but my husband and I were okay with either of the options, the choice would finally be his. Finally, after a lot of thought, weighing the pros and cons of joining either of them he chose to go to Pune.  I suspected he chose Pune because we had a lot of relatives staying there and it was much closer to home in terms of travel time.

The fee payment and other formalities for admission were completed online. The college announced that online classes would begin in September. However, when the current pandemic situation improved, regular classes would begin. Hoping for the best, my husband and I thought it best to be prepared for the eventuality. Rajesh needed a few things when he would leave for college. Among several other things a wristwatch was top priority.

Online shopping is the easiest and most convenient way to get exactly what you need, so Rajesh and I checked out several online stores selling wristwatches. The Indian website of City Watches had a good collection of watches from well-known brands.

Going through the site, Rajesh selected the Timex Weekender Fairfield Indiglo Quartz TW2P98500 Unisex Watch. It was a simple three-handed sleek timepiece with a round stainless-steel case in gold-toned hues. The white dial with golden stick markers was completely uncluttered except for the small Timex logo at the top. tiny black markers denoted minutes along the circumference of the dial. At 37mm case diameter, the Timex TW2P98500 was classified as a unisex watch.

Although not great on features, the Timex Weekender Fairfield offered the brand’s famous Indiglo backlight which is a night light allowing you to read the time in the dark. It is also water resistant up to 30 meters. The Timex Weekender Fairfield TW2P98500 is powered by a quartz movement known for keeping accurate time and features a scratch resistant mineral crystal. An olive-green double layer slip-through leather strap gives this simple watch a fresh look.

I think Rajesh picked out this piece due to its unique strap colour and simple design – he is not one for the fancy stuff, rather, he prefers the minimalistic style. So, the Timex Weekender it was and we ordered it from https://www.citywatches.in/. The watch arrived within a few days – I guess the shipping is a bit slow in these days – the pandemic has adversely affected almost every business all over the world.

The watch looked even better than in the pictures, Rajesh is quite satisfied with his choice and is happily wearing it. I sure hope the watch gives good service at least for a few years.