Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your watches 100% genuine watches?
A: All our watches are 100% authentic and brand new. We source our watches from established distributors locally and around the world.

Q: Why are your prices so low?
A: We purchase our watches in big quantities from distributors around the world. Sometimes distributors offer discounts on certain models and we are always there to snap them! This allows us to pass on the savings to you!

Q: How are the packages shipped?
A: We ship by DHL from our warehouse in Singapore. We ship with registered Airmail also for free. Please note that GST / customs taxes are not included in our price. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for any duties imposed by the customs of the buyer’s country.

Q: What kind of warranty do the watches have?
A: All watches come with at-least a one year international warranty. Some brands may offer more than one year warranty. In case of any issues within the warranty period you can take the watch to the nearest service center listed in the warranty booklet or send the watch to us for servicing. Even after the warranty period is over we offer servicing at very reasonable prices. We want you to be our customers for life!