Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4813 Men’s Watch

Move over Cassio, Titan, Timex and all the rest; the awesome Fossil Grant Chorno is here.

Here’s a challenge for all you guys; take a look at the all-new Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4813 Men’s watch and tell me honestly if you didn’t like it? I mean just look it at it; isn’t it a beauty?

The large rose gold roman numerals on a solid black dial are simply mind-blowing. Follow that up with an ultra large luminescent hour and minute hand with a rose gold seconds hand is simply mesmerizing. Being a chronograph, it naturally has three sub-dials for its chrono functions. Again, two of the sub-dials are enclosed within a rose gold-coloured circles.

The extra-large luminescent hour and minute hands of the Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4813 Men’s watch ensure that you won’t have any difficulty reading the time even in pitch black conditions. Of course, you can’t see the chrno functions in pitch dark but who would want to do that anyway?

But why in the whole world am I extolling the features of the Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4813 Men’s watch anyways? Well, my son wanted a replacement watch for the one that he was currently using and whose glass had got scratched beyond belief. I had asked him to see for a watch himself and when he found it, to show it to me. I told him that the watch should not cost beyond Rs 10K.

Now, the Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4813 Men’s watch retails at Rs 21,735/- but at this site; it was being offered at a 49% discount. I grant you that the discounted price was still Rs 1,100 over the budget but what the hell, such a beauty is worth it right?

I also loved the fact that the Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4813 Men’s watch came with a leather strap instead of the stainless-steel bracelet. It just looks so awesome wearing leather. Indeed, there is something about leather that makes a watch look ultra-cool.

For once, I and my son were in agreement about a product. Usually, he would point out something and I would look at the price tag and decide whether the product was great or not. This time, with us being in agreement, I decided to buy the watch for him.

It took about two weeks for the Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4813 Men’s watch to arrive and this time we could both admire it close up instead of on a website. The case of course, is stainless steel and as mentioned, is attached to brown leather straps that anchors the watch using a buckle clasp. The mechanism is Quartz and powered by a battery. The glass top is scratch resistant mineral. Large rose gold-coloured Roman numerals over a pitch-black coloured dial and accompanying rose gold coloured hour and minute hands complete the ensemble.

There are three crowns. The one in the centre operate the time functions while the crowns on either side of it, operate the chronograph functions. The back of the stainless-steel case is solid and the case is water resistant up to 50M. The watch came with an internationally valid warranty card. Take a look at the Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4813 Men’s watch and you will agree, its an awesome package.