ICE Forever Small Sili Quartz 000124 Women’s Watch

Our housing complex had a swimming pool that, over the last two months, was cleaned and renovated. We installed new aqua-marine tiles, fitted a new pump and added a sanitization system. So, the swimming pool was filled with clean water and ready for the summer of 2019. We even added a few colourful inflated tubes. Adults can use them to float around and, in an emergency, could also be used as life savers.

We were fortunate to have a State level swimming champ residing in our housing complex and he agreed to train the kids so they learnt swimming.

My daughter Nina all of 7 years of age, was not only excited, but also wanted a watch to go with it. Moreover, she even knew what watch was perfect. She was a member of the Enid Blyton girls “power” club in our housing complex. Basically, it was a girl’s group that played at being detectives and stuff. Anyway, seems one of them had this watch called the ICE Forever Small Sili Quartz 000124 Women’s Watch. They all liked it and so in typical kid’s fashion, they all decided to wear the same watch.

The ICE Forever Small Sili Quartz 000124 Women’s Watch is an all-white beauty of a timepiece. It had a white Polyamide case, a white silicon strap, quartz movement, mineral crystal, hour markers on a white dial with analog display time, luminous hands and markers, a date display that was surprisingly large, unidirectional rotating bezel, pull/push crown, buckle clasp and yes, it was water resistance up to 100 meters. All in all, an excellent watch. Also, being small, it fitted my daughter’s hand perfectly.

In case you want to purchase one for your daughter, I recommend you buy it from this online location here: They not only have a large variety of brands and models, they also offer large discounts on each. The ICE Forever Small Sili Quartz 000124 Women’s Watch was knocked down almost 40%. Moreover, it came with an international warranty card and a little box with instruction manual.

Coming back to my daughter, they were set to inaugurate the swimming lessons the following Sunday. So, at 8 a.m. sharp, all the kids and their parents (that included me), assembled at the kid’s pool. The swimming champion and instructor, began by explaining how the human body floats naturally in the water and how so long as we don’t panic, it is almost impossible to drawn.

He got into the pool and floated around for a minute demonstrating the technic to float. He then invited one young girl and held her lightly as he issued instructions on how to relax the body and gently float.

An hour later, all the kids were in the pool and amazingly, all were floating as easily as ducks in water. My wife noticed that most of the female kids were wearing the same watch i.e the ICE Forever Small Sili Quartz 000124 Women’s Watch. All the kids were looking cute and were like little swimming Champs already.