Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watch H80485835|A modern take on a classic concept

Hamilton is a brand that likes to experiment. This is the sole reason why some of their creations attained the iconic status and helped them build an entire archive, enough to draw future ideas and inspirations. The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watch H80485835 is one such piece, recreated directly from one of their earlier classic designs – a RAF-issue from the ‘70s and powered by a Valjoux 7733 movement, housed inside a unique case shaped with a subtle asymmetry. It’s unlike the original watch but yet, so original! Let’s go back a little. It was the release of the Hamilton Pilot Pioneer Automatic Chronograph that got watch enthusiasts excited for it is the watch many longed to be back. It’s cool; with a historical significance and that earned it the cult status besides turning the collectors bonkers. You miHamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Pioneer Automatic H80485835 Men's Watchght ask why we are talking about it; aren’t we supposed to about the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watch H80485835 instead? Hold on, it was necessary; for Hamilton followed up the Pilot Pioneer’s success with this 3-hander with a few, unexpected twists. This time, they called it as the plain, Pilot Pioneer Automatic. This dual-crown version of the asymmetrical pilot watch for the Royal Air Force sports internal-bezel functionality. But that’s not the real surprise. It has a case made from aluminum – which is a rarity as a watch material and makes the watch super-light; lighter than titanium yet almost as strong. Aluminum, being not an easy material to work with, also turns the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watch H80485835 bit expensive, but nevertheless, something that’s highly interesting and certainly worth the premium. Now, why aluminum instead of 316L steel? Well, the most obvious reasons are the material’s light-weight and anodization or oxide coating. A watch this substantial weighs just above 50g! Barely noticeable, but that’s not where the fun is at! The anodization opens a vast possibility of colors; some of them, pretty much unexpected, the black being the most killer of them all! This is different from natural anodization; it’s hard anodization, much more durable against bangs and scratches, unless you throw it deliberately under a tank’s tracks. Inside, it’s a Hamilton caliber H-10 movement beating at 21,600bph and storing 80-hours worth of power. This is a reworked version of the ETA 2824, which already has a cult, workhorse status. Hamilton added an attractive custom rotor besides pepping up the power reserve. The larger and lumed 12- and 6’o clock markers add a vintage touch to the designs as much as the little lumed dots over the other numerals (except 3; that is occupied by the date window) and the 1/4th seconds marking between each, on the inner-dial, which you can use as a countdown timer. And oh, if you have a fascination for the 24-hour format for reading time, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Watch H80485835 doesn’t disappoint you at that part also! The roman sword hands and their lumed, elongated tips just make it easier, under the boxed sapphire crystal!

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