Swatch Big Skinskin Analog Quartz SVUT100 Unisex Watch

I remember sitting in the balcony of our 2-BHK flat reading the messages from a WhatsApp group; when my daughter came crying saying that she lost her watch on the playground.

Her watch was a Swatch Big Skinskin Analog Quartz SVUT100 Unisex Watch that was gifted to her on her birthday earlier this year by my dad; her grandfather. I know it was an expensive watch because he had given me the bill and warranty card – you know, just in case we needed to claim warranty.

Anyway, my daughter, myself, my wife and even my dad carried flash lights and rushed to the playground. It was a small playground with swings and slides at one end. Problem was, the swings and slides were set in sand so if the watch fell there, it would have been buried in the sand.

We searched and searched and finally at around 8 p.m., gave up. I told my daughter that it was okay and I would get her another watch. “I want the same one” She wailed and my heart melted. “Okay, okay” I replied. “I will get you the same one”. “Promise?” “Yes, I promise” I replied.

I remember my dad had paid something like 10-grand for that Swatch Big Skinskin Analog Quartz SVUT100 Unisex Watch. Instead of visiting the same mall from where he had purchased it, I tried searching online and was glad I did.

I found the watch at several online retail sites but my favourite site was if you visit that site you will know why. They have dozens of popular brands and hundreds of watches. More importantly, all are originals direct from the manufacturer and offered at factory prices. I found the Swatch Big Skinskin Analog Quartz SVUT100 Unisex Watch here: and more importantly, it was being offered at almost 45% off. I did not waste time. I bought the watch and it was delivered to us in about 4 days.

For those who have not seen the Swatch Big Skinskin Analog Quartz SVUT100 Unisex Watch; it is about 4 cm wide, pinkish in colour and has dot hour markers that shine like diamonds; I guess that is what makes it expensive. There’s no day or date display. It has golden hour hands. The case is plastic and the straps are silicon. The internal mechanism is Swiss made and I know the watch’s accuracy is amazing. There is a white band on the top of the case and whole ensemble looks quite pleasing to the eye.

We received the courier after 4 days and box also contained the invoice and international warranty card. I saw that the time was already set it was accurate. I gave the watch to my daughter and in return, received a whole bunch of hugs and kisses.