Fossil Original Boyfriend Quartz Chronograph Blue Leather Strap ES3838 Women’s Watch


My wife and I have an awesome relationship – awesome in the sense that couple of months before her birthday is due, she will begin dropping a few hints as to what she wants. If I still don’t get it or, show no signs of having understood, she will tell me exactly what she wants. ?

This year was no different. First, she began by telling me that one of her watches was not keeping time. So, I said I would get it repaired. Few days down the line, she said she would prefer it be replaced and that’s when it hit me that her birthday was coming up in a few weeks.

Now that I knew she was looking for a new watch, I asked her if she had a particular watch in mind. “Yessssss” she said, went to the cupboard, fetched her purse and took out a small slip of paper. “I liked the Fossil ES3838”. She said. “Okay, I’ll check it out” I replied. Obviously, my wife had gone to some shop, checked out the watches there and had noted down the model number of the watch she liked.

A couple of days later, I went to the local mall – the one that my wife usually likes to go to. I went there because they also had a watch section and I knew there was a Fossil sub-section there. This was the most likely place where my wife saw the watch she liked.

When I reached the Fossil section, I asked the sales lady if they had the Fossil ES3838 watch. She beamed at me, went to a counter and removed a gorgeous looking watch. No wonder my wife loved this one.

Fossil The sales lady said “this is the Fossil Original Boyfriend Quartz Chronograph Blue Leather Strap ES3838 Women’s Watch”. I took a deep breath and checked the price tag. It was over Rs 11,000/-; far more than the budget I had in mind. So, I went over to the food court and got myself an ice cream. I sat there pondering over the problem. I needed to get my wife that watch but preferably without stretching out my budget.

I went back to the Fossil counter and asked the sales lady if they were going to have a “sale” anytime soon. “No Sir, I don’t think so” she answered shaking her head sadly. So, back I went to the food court.

I logged into the free Wi-Fi at the food court and Googled for “Fossil ES3838”. It took me like an hour but I found it here:

It was the exact same gorgeous Fossil Original Boyfriend Chronograph Quartz. It had a lovely blue leather designer strap, luminous hour and minute hands, a blue second’s hand and three sub-dials for the chrono functions. Moreover, the watch was being offered at just over Rs 7,000/- which was exactly my budget.

I did not waste time; I quickly purchased the watch and it was delivered in 4 days. It came in a lovely box and also had an international warranty card. It was time to smile.